“I have been getting remedial massages monthly from Kerrie for over 4 years. Since starting treatment my body has never felt so relaxed and aligned. Kerrie is friendly, caring and professional. She always tailors the sessions to what I am after as well as using her skills and experience to let me know what else could be worked on. Getting treatments from Kerrie is one of the best things I have done for my ongoing health and well-being.  I cannot recommend her more highly to anyone looking for a fantastic massage therapist.”- Jacqui B

 “I have been seeing Kerrie for remedial massages for over 12 months now. Kerrie’s commitment to continued research to develop her technique to fix every ailment I have is amazing. Each massage is different and Kerrie is the only therapist I will see now. I’d recommend her to anyone”.  Christine C

 “My name is Vera Murdoch. I have experienced ongoing neck pain which I contribute to my desk bound admin job and my posture in general. I sit in front of a computer all day at work like I have done for many years. Kerrie not only helped me with my neck pain and my posture, she also showed me exercises and stretches (which I do now Kerrie lol). My visits are now less, but I still visit her every month to prevent the pain from coming back. Thank you so much.” – Vera

“Kerrie always ends my relaxation sessions off with a delightful head and face massage.  This is so heavenly and it finishes off my sessions beautifully.  I truly look forward to my time with her.  I feel like I float for days after.” – Trudy T

“Kerrie is a good value therapist.  I feel very grateful that a cycling friend in my group recommended her for a hip problem I was complaining about a few years ago.  I now rely on Kerrie to keep me in top working order despite the variety of things I do to my body, whether it’s a hard day on the building site or from my sports training.  I particularly enjoy my massages as it enables me to recover more quickly. I have now incorporated them permanently into my training and recovery program.  I now consider Kerrie as an instrumental part of my support team.” Jase V

“I had been suffering with a lower back issue for about 3 years.  I had tried a few different types of treatment although I never found any relief.  Then I decided to try remedial massage.  Not only did Kerrie work on my back, but I was quite surprised when she worked on my legs, hips and stomach area.  Well I have to say I have found my go to person! I now have a stretching program which I do every day with some exercises and I visit Kerrie regularly for massage.  I understand that everyone has different issues but remedial massage works for mine.  I’m so happy that I finally have effective treatment for my pain relief and I am moving freely.  Yes!”  – Suzette P