Myofascial Cupping is a modified version of the ancient Eastern-style of cupping, where it concentrates on releasing the soft tissues of the body. This is unlike the traditional Eastern style of cupping, where the focus is on the body’s meridians. When being treated with modern day Myofascial Cupping, the cups are applied on top of the skin to create a negative or tensile pressure.  This raises the tissue upward and away from the body.

One method used is by the use of a manual air pump through a plastic cup after it is applied to the skin.  The other method is by the use of heated glass cups which use a fire flame to reduce the oxygen level inside the cups and to provide heat.  After the glass cups are heated and applied to the skin, the tissue under each cup is raised into the cup due to the reduced oxygen level inside the cup.  The therapist may also use a sliding motion of the cups along the soft tissue while the suction is active, providing a broader release of tissue.

Benefits of myofascial cupping include:

* decreased oedema (excess tissue fluid)
* increased fluid movement
* encouragement for optimal hydration levels to the soft tissue
* increased nutrient rich blood supply to the area for faster healing
* increased range of motion
* reduction of fascial adhesions
* reduction of local inflammation to aid recovery
* breaking up and expelling of congestion.

The therapeutic effect of myofascial cupping will last for approximately 72 hours after treatment.