Training for specific sports, competitions, gym workouts, hectic lifestyles and the very daily stresses of life all take a toll on our bodies.  Muscle tension, cramps and spasms are all too common and our bodies end up taking a toll and head towards injury if not managed appropriately.

At Bodyscope Health we have the knowledge of which muscles will be mostly used in your particular sport or activity or those muscles that are affected. Prevention is better than cure. A regular sports massage is recommended for ongoing physical activity as you will perform better by having more strength, flexibility, stamina and speed while your recovery time will be shortened. The objective is to restore muscles to their optimal condition. Sports massage can be used effectively to treat conditions such as tendonitis, strains, sprains, and muscle or fascial adhesions.

Many individuals and groups include regular scheduled massages in their training and conditioning programs to enhance performance, aid in recovery from competition and reduce the risk of injuries occurring.

Invest in a Bodyscope Health Sports Massage –Reap the benefits and feel the difference!