Reflexology is a non-invasive natual healing therapy.  It is holistic meaning that it is a therapy for the mind, body and spirit.  The knowledge base dates back thousands of years to ancient Egypt and China.   Reflexology is performed by a trained practitioner who understands how the movement of energy in our body travels along it’s meridians or zones and the feet and/or hands are treated.

Why would I have Reflexology?

A therapist trained in Reflexology knows how metabolic waste can leave deposits on nerve endings.  The feet have over seven thousand nerve endings which can get blocked!  This gradual blocking of deposits can lead to pain or dysfunction in other areas of our body such as the back or neck.  The body alone cannot deal with this and healing is impaired.

Your therapist will massage and stimulate the nerve endings.  This results in the increase of blood circulation and the elimination of metabolic waste via the lymphatic system.  The body is then encouraged to naturally heal itself.  Through the deep and satisfying relaxation which occurs during the reflexology treatment, the client will feel a reduction in stress as our emotions too relate to our body’s physical symptoms.

Reduction of stress is achieved due to the deep, satisfying relaxation which usually occurs during treatment. Our emotions are tied to our body feelings, therefore a state of physical relaxation can produce significant reduction of mental stress.  The goal is to encourage your body to restore its natural healing pathways by harmonising imbalances, through a safe and effective treatment.

Reflexology Foot Treatments with Essential Oils

Experience the deep sense of relaxation with a Bodyscope Reflexology Foot Massage.  This massage is dedicated entirely to your feet. This is a soothing experience which targets specific reflex points such as the liver, bladder and kidneys.

Reflexology and Full Body Massage

If you prefer, we can incorporate Reflexology of the hands, feet and ears into any massage style you are wanting.  You will arrive at benefits from reflexology including: stress reduction and relief from issues such as digestive complaints; circulatory issues; migranes and sinus.  All organ functions in the body with a corresponding reflex point, can be improved with regular reflexology treatments.