Bodyscope Health Wellness Clinic

Bodyscope Health (BSH) was established in 2006 with a key focus on supporting others with their health and personal goals. Our professional services include Remedial, Sports, Therapeutic, Relaxation Massage and Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy; Clinical Hypnotherapy; Counselling and Life Coaching.  We take our obligation seriously and we are dedicated in assisting our clients to achieve better performance levels whether it be for pain reduction, lowering stress levels, reaching specific goals or to overcome life’s daily struggles. Bodyscope Health is all about IMPROVING THE HEALTH OF OUR COMMUNITY.

BSH is a professional private-practice. Our passion lies in helping people from all walks of life make positive changes in Body, Mind and Spirit.  Bodyscope Health is built on trust and professionalism – we are client focused and always endeavour to see our clients placed first. Our client list may be diverse as we are a multi-modality clinic, although the common element we have is that we truly care and we make it our business to make each individual feel exceptional.

 Bodyscope Health Massage Clinic

See full menu of treatments in drop down box under ‘Treatment Types’.  Listed below are four areas of focus:

  1. Remedial Massage – The assessment, diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue dysfunction due to altered posture, injury from poor bio-mechanics or trauma and overuse strain injury.
  2. Sports Massage – Improvement in Athletic Performance. Preparation, recovery, maintenance and injury rehabilitation therapy for a faster healing period and prevention of re-injury.
  3. Pre-natal and Post-Partum Massage – We recognise and concentrate on the physical and emotional changes which occur for the mother during this time.
  4. Relaxation Massage – Assists to restore the body’s natural balance – helping to lower the heart-rate and blood pressure, enhancing circulation and increasing feel good endorphins.

Massage and Bodyscope Health’s Commitment to Well-Being.…


Sometimes it can be difficult to make time to take care of ourselves.  Massage is an easy tool for helping overcome stress and tension while increasing those good endorphins – it is a wonderfully powerful, yet simple gift that you can give to yourself or to someone you care about.  Remember those days gone by, when having a massage was seen as being an indulgence or luxury? As most of us lead very busy lives, we often ignore the time that we should devote to ourselves and in particular time out for our own health.  In fact, it is often not only ourselves who may suffer because of our stress levels – others close to us may also be unwillingly affected!

Reserving some specific time for a professional massage customised to address your personal needs, makes it easier to remember that you deserve to feel good and that you’re taking important steps to make it happen.  If you are looking for relief from muscular discomfort or injury, stress release or if it’s simply relaxation you’re after, a specially tailored massage with Bodyscope Health might be just what your body needs.

Whatever your condition…. go ahead, take the time out for yourself and call us for an appointment today.