Here at BSH we just love our Preggie Bellies of all sizes – our Mums and Babies!! In celebration of both Mum and Baby, we offer an ongoing SPECIAL ADD-ON OFFER …. an extra 15 minutes added to your Massage at NO CHARGE for all Pre-Natal AND Post-Natal Massages. After the birth of your Bub you will still receive this special offer for a full 6 months! You don’t have to have had a Pregnancy Massage with us before to be eligible for our Post-Natal offer. Just let us know your little one’s date of birth and we will be happy to help you feel relaxed and pampered. We will also help you be relieved of any discomfort you may be experiencing.

Pre-natal Massage – 75 mins $90

Pregnant women will experience their own unique physical and emotional changes during their pregnancy.  These changes can put a huge strain on the expectant mother.  Massage can help to relieve many common health problems and associated soft tissue aches and pains experienced through this period.  The enormity of hormonal changes in the body can trigger depression or anxiety, which can also be relieved considerably through massage.  Massage will also ease many of the other normal discomforts that a woman endures during her pregnancy such as uncomfortable aches and pains in the back, stiffness of the neck, headaches, sciatica, leg cramping, oedema, round ligament pain due to an enlarging uterus, swollen legs, ankles and feet.  Other benefits of massage for the pregnant woman include increased blood circulation.  This generates more oxygen and nutrients for the mother and her baby.

As their pregnancy advances toward the end of term, many women are often very busy and stressed in preparation for the arrival of their new baby.  This is a very important time for the woman to take extra care of herself and to relax.  Scheduled rest time can be provided during a massage.  This special time should be used by the expectant mum to focus on herself, her body and her precious unborn child.

Research has shown that the unborn baby can be affected by the stress levels experienced by their mother and therefore, it is important for the expectant mother to stay as relaxed and stress free as possible.  The increased levels of oxytocin, the feel-good hormone and the milk stimulating hormone prolactin which is released from the mother in increased levels through the massage, also has a relaxing effect on the baby.  Therefore generally speaking, the more relaxed the mother is during her pregnancy, the more relaxed her pregnancy and labour can be.

At Bodyscope Health you are offered a specially designed natural touch prenatal treatment to eliminate the many uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy. We only choose techniques that are safe and effective for pregnant women, ensuring that a very pleasurable and safe treatment is had at all times.  A healing and relieving pregnancy massage makes a Mum-to-be feel relaxed and pampered.  Just what she deserves!

Post-Partum Massage – 75 mins $90

After you’ve given birth, your body slowly returns to its pre-pregnant state. The postpartum time after the birth of your baby can be an emotional experience, filled with joys and challenges.  Massage treatments in this post-natal period reduce excessive musculoskeletal pain which can distract from the pleasure of motherhood.

The stress of the labour and time spent caring for your newborn is taxing on your body.  After giving birth, your body changes posture and uses different muscles and has to adapt from the demands of being “front heavy” during pregnancy to the new demands of looking after a new-born.

After a natural birth or a c-section, the core abdominal muscles are often weak. The lower back, neck and shoulders may have become tight and the body needs to find a way to move well now that you are no longer pregnant. Postnatal massage helps to correct postural problems and tight muscles, preventing back pain which can often arise from strains from carrying and lifting your baby.

Postnatal/postpartum massage not only gives nurturing and emotional support to help get back lost energy, it also helps to bring the body back to its pre-pregnancy condition by retaining muscles and connective tissue. Post-natal massage at Bodyscope Health is the perfect way to bring your body back to peace and harmony.  It will help your body get back into balance and also give you some lovely time out for yourself.

Benefits of Post-Natal Massage:
– Assists the body’s healing process
– Reliefs body pain and stiffness
– Helps in balancing hormones
– Reduces swelling
– Improves sleep
– Improves lactation increases prolactin levels (a lactation hormone)